Li-ion Prismatic and Cylindrical Cells from GlobTek

Li-ion Prismatic and Cylindrical Cells from GlobTek
Li-Ion batteries with capacity up to 1600 ma/hr per cell. Advantages over other battery chemistries include: High Operation Voltage 3.6V/Cell Longer Cycle Life Typically 1000 Times Large Specific Energy Up to 160 Wh/Kg Up to 360 Wh/L Large Energy Density Up to that of NI-Cd / Ni-MH cells. Low self-discharge rate (as low as 6% / month), environmentally friendly (no metal Lithium inside), excellent charge / discharge characteristics (more than 500 charge/discharge cycles), fast charging "A" cells can be fully charged in only 70 minutes using a constant current/constant voltage charging method at a maximum current of 1Cma. GlobTek's Li-Ion Batteries are designed and produced according to UL, CE safety standards. Our battery testing includes: crush test, overcharging, thermal shocking, short circuit, nail penetration, and incineration. Cells are designed for "High Rate" charging and discharging making these ideals for portable, consumer, industrial & medical Equipment. Chargers are also available. Made in USA option available upon request.

IEC62133 certified batteries

Model numberCell ChemistryBattery Pack Voltage VBattery Pack Capacity mAhBattery Pack Dimensions MMHas NTC ThermistorHas Fuel GaugeHas Built-in Charger CircuitryConfigurationCell typeCell shapeCell Dimensions MMAnslutning
BL2600C1865004S1PxxLithium Ion14.8260077x69NoYesNo4S 1PICR18650-26FCylindrical18x65x00Per Customer Spec
BL2600C1865004S1PG1Lithium Ion14.8260066*73.5*28.5NoYesYes4S 1PICR18650-26FCylindrical18x65x00Per Customer Spec
BL2600C18654S1PG2646 Lithium Ion14.8260076.0*67.0*27.0NoBQ40Z50Yes4S 1PICR18650-26FCylindrical18x65x00Per Customer Spec
BL2600C1865003S1PGQGLithium-Ion11.1260055.5x66.0x23.0NoYesYes3S1PNCR18650A-26FCylindrical18x65x00Molex 6P header: 43025-0600
BL2600C18650H3S1PGQGLi-Ion Polymer11.1260058.x 75.x 2510KYesYes3S1PUS18650VTC5ACylindrical18x65x00MOLEX 43025-0608
Call or email for Stock Modified and Customized solutions available with no or low minimum quantities
BL1800P0639602S1PPLBLithium Polymer7.4180061.5X42.0X14.010KNoNo2S 1PLithium PolymerRectangular61.5X42.0X14.0JST XHP-4PIN
BL3600F4634462S4PH6GLi-Ion Polymer7.4360020.75*36.5*12610KBQ27542No2S4PUF463450FRectangular4.45x33.85x49.6AMP 5787526-1
BL0105F2635161S1PCATLithium Polymer3.71052.8*16.5*37NoNoNo1S 1PGP261635Rectangular2.80x16.50x37.00Per Customer Spec
BL0750F5030481S1PCMC Lithium Polymer3.770050.5x30.5x5.310KNoNo1S 1PGP503048 Rectangular 50.5x30.5x5.3 Per Customer Spec
BL0700C1450141S1PCACLi-Ion Polymer3.770053 x 14mmNoNoNo1S1PUR14500PCylindrical 53 x 14mmPer Customer Spec
Call or email for Stock Modified and Customized solutions available with no or low minimum quantities
BL0800F5424651S1PSXHLithium Ion3.78006*24*7110KBQ27542No1S1PATL 542465Rectangular5.3x23.6.x64.7MOLEX 51021-0500
BL1200P4054481S1PCACLithium Polymer3.7120053.0x48.0x410KNoNo1S 1PGP404852Rectangular4.0x48x53Per Customer Spec
BL2200F6034501S2xxxxLithium Ion3.7220051x34x13NoNoNo1S 2P603450Rectangular6.4x34x50Per Customer Spec
BL3000F9031781S1PCRVLithium Ion Polymer3.7300078 x 31 x 9.0mm10KNoNo1S1P903178Rectangular 78 x 31 x 9.0mmSamtec SISS-05-28C-GF-03.00-L
BL2600C1865001S2PxxxxLithium Ion3.7480019x68.5x37NoNoNo1S 2PICR18650-26FCylindrical18x65x00Per Customer Spec
Call or email for Stock Modified and Customized solutions available with no or low minimum quantities
BL1880F6835661S5PX9MLithium Polymer3.79400185.5*69.5*7.9 mm10KBQ27200No1S5PGP683566Rectangular6.8*35*66Molex 9P Header: 53015-0910
BL7800C1865001S3PAVC Lithium-Ion3.63780020 x 56 x 68.5100KNoNo1S3PICR18650-26Cylindrical18x65x00TE P/N 3-640428-4
Cell TypeVdcRechargesWatts/LiterPrice RatioIssues
NiMH1.2500 to 1,000300100%None
NiCd1.2300 to 50013480%Memory, disposal
Li-Ion3.6300 to 400287200%Safety/fire, disposal

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