10.8 V, 2.6Ah Battery Pack with Integral Charger Suitable for Cost Sensitive Mobile Applications

Battery Pack consists of 3 Samsung Li-Ion cells in a 3S-1P configuration providing 28.86WHr (2.6AHr) of power to mobile applications and other applications requiring battery backup with simple cost effective charging. GlobTek BL2600C1865003S1PGQG battery pack includes battery charger circuits, thermal cut-outs and dedicated safety circuit and can run stand alone power from GlobTek’s GT-41062 of GT-41080 18VDC external power supplies. It is configured in a soft pack with shrink wrap. The battery pack is compliant with UL1642, UL 2054, UN38.3, and CE standards. Customizations including connectors, custom plastic enclosures, and alternate cell configurations and quantities available upon request. Made in USA option available upon request.

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