Hot Swappable Switchmode Power Supplies Triple Output w/Parallel Function 400W

Open Frame 400W Switchmode Power Supplies w/Parallel Function. These low profile (348 x 129 x 57 (mm) ) models offer up to 400W of regulated power. Designs have Active PFC (0.96min.), Built-In EMI Filter, Limiting AC Surge Current, Short Circuit / Overload Protection, Remote Sensing at all o/p's, Remote Shut Down, separate AC/DC/Fan "OK" Signals and the units can be Paralleled with each other for Hot Swappable redundant operation. Universal Wide Range Input of 85-264Vac 47-63Hz with outputs of +3.3/+5/+12Vdc @ 4/34/18 Amps (single, dual & modified o/p's are also available). UL Recognized to EN60950 3rd Edition, DEMKO Certified to EN60950, CE Approved with a CB Report Available. These 400W power sources are ideal for Tele/Data Communication, Video, Industrial or any system requiring 400W of power. Attractive Small Size, Proven Reliability and Cost Efficient makes these power supplies perfect for OEM requirements. Medical designs are also available. Made in USA option available upon request.

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