Medical Power Supplies and AC to DC Adapters

Medical power supplies and AC to DC adapters are a major core competence for GlobTek and GlobTek offers one of the widest range of medically-approved power supplies in the industry. GlobTek offers power supplies and AC DC adapters in external desktop, wall plug in, and open frame configurations. As a partner to the world’s leading medical products manufacturers, GlobTek is highly focused on the medical industry and designs power supply and power adapter products focused towards it.

Such medical devices play an important role in therapeutic, diagnostic, and patient monitoring activities and cater to the growing need of advanced healthcare services. With a vast portfolio of the latest domestic and international certifications, GlobTek’s cutting edge medical grade power supplies and AC to DC power adaptors offer one of the widest product breadths in the industry providing access to global markets.

GlobTek’s ISO 13485 medical device manufacturing certification reinforces GlobTek’s commitment to design and manufacture high quality, reliable and safe medical power supplies and AC to DC adapters. GlobTek’s Engineers, bolstered by a 5 year warranty, offer expertise in medical power supplies and support requirements for any custom configuration.


Applications We Serve

  • Ambulatory or outpatient care Applications
  • Communications – Communication systems, IT equipment
  • Dental - Dental chair, dental LCD display, oral care equipment
  • Diagnostics – Medical imaging, CT scanning, ultrasound, blood analysis
  • Emergency Medical Care – Portable Medical Equipment
  • Home Patient Care – IEC60601-1-11 applications such as Breast Pump, Medical bed, CPAP, infusion pump
  • Laboratory - Chemical analysis, lab automation
  • Monitoring - Blood pressure monitoring, ECG, EEG


Medical Power Supplies and AC to DC Adapters

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AC-DC medicinsk strömförsörjning

  • 1 Watt till 1200 Watt
  • Inngångsspänning 90 – 264 VAC
  • Utgångsspänning från 3VDC till 55 VDC
  • IEC 60601-1, 3rd – och 4th edition
  • Industri standard – och kundtillpassade configurationer
  • Open frame eller kapsel hölje
  • Kundtillpassad spec. är möjligt
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Medicinsk godkända batteripaket

  • Standard – eller kundtillpassade
  • Li-Ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate ( LiFePO4), Lithium Magnese Dioxide battei ( Li-MnO2 batteri), NiMH, NiCD
  • IEC 62133, UL 2054, UL 1642 och 60601 3rd edition
  • UN 38.3 transport testing tilgängelig
  • Integrerad «fuel gauge», batteriladdare, kundspec.
  • Kundtillpassad packning, plast hus, kabel
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Externa AC-DC medicinsk godkända strömförsörjningar

  • 1Watt till300Watt
  • Inngångsspänning från 90 – 264 VAC
  • Utgångsspänning från 3 – 55 VDC
  • 60601-1 , 3rd- och 4th edition certifiserade
  • Industri standard och kundspecifiserade konfigurationer
  • Kundtillpassning av spec. tillgängligt
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Mdicinsk godkända batteriladdare

  • 1Watt till 300 Watt
  • Single- och multiple laddare tillgängliga
  • Standardladdare tillgängliga för att ladda LI-Ion, LiFePO4,bly batteri, NiMH, NiCD
  • 60601-1 3rd- och 4rd edition certifikater tillgängliga
  • Industristandard och kundtillpassning
  • Kraftiga – och vatten skyddade modeller tillgängliga
  • Kundtillpassning möjligt
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