Power Supply Timer Accessory

GlobTek introduces it’s new timer accessory GTIM-2 for controlling power supply output. The accessory module utilizing the latest technologies will allow supply of output voltage for 3 hours after pressing the “on button.” LED indicators provide visual status, red for 75 Minutes followed by Red for 30 minutes. The time settings and LED colors can be adjusted per customer requirements. The GTIM-2 has a rated input voltage of 12vdc, input and output power rating of 0.5A/6W. It is design for use on 0-40 Dec C environment and 0-95% Relative Humidity. The GTIM-2 is enclosed in an ABS enclosure with #22 AWG wires for input and output. GTIM-2 complies with international Safety and EMI/RFI Regulations, EMC Directives/ CE and FCC Class B for ITE/Medical Applications. Made in USA option available upon request.

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